“Where do you find your inspiration?”

I’ve realized that I despise this question – and I’m guilty of asking successful artists and creators the exact same thing from time to time. This blog is called Inspired Outsiders, after all. And tracing exceptional work back to its roots is a natural instinct. Who isn’t seeking a formula for everyday greatness?

Strong coffee + sunlight + art gallery visit + Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue = endless creative fuel

If only it was so simple.

Instead, I often feel overwhelmed by the information buffet available both online and outside in the real, rainy world. It’s paralyzing. When you’re struggling to accomplish big things and wrestle down your creative demons, where do you invest your attention? What’s worth reading and viewing and tasting and hearing, and what’s not?

I’ve always felt a (potentially misplaced) sense of pride about my omnivorous media consumption. I’ll read the New York Times and Marie Claire with equal absorption and watch both reality TV and esoteric foreign films. I’m not a cultural snob. But could my indiscriminate ways actually be harmful? Should there be more focus?

I have no idea. Instead, I often retreat into information hibernation. That’s where I’ve been lurking for these past few weeks. But spring is almost here. People are running around in bright pink and green pants. Things are blooming. It’s time to re-engage and figure it out.

In the meantime, here are a couple sites and stories currently piquing my interest:


I love this online image feed for creative people who know how to wield their iPhones. I didn’t even realize it was a social network until I signed up and posted my first photo. I thought it was all about the cool, retro-style filters. Regardless… I’m hooked.

Garance Doré

A French transplant living in NYC, Garance is a photographer, illustrator and girlfriend of the Sartorialist. She recently launched a video series called Pardon My French. If you’re female, follow fashion, and dream of chucking it all for Paris, then you will enjoy these videos. If you’re a lumberjack or Monty Python devotee, please carry on. Ultimately, the series works because Garance has one of the most sparkling and likeably authentic personalities I’ve encountered online.

Jonny Greenwood

I just read this fascinating NYT magazine story about Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood’s side gig as an orchestral composer. The way writer Alex Pappademas describes the band’s 1993 MTV Beach House appearance (and Thom Yorke’s near-drowning) is laugh-out-loud brilliant.

Until next time.

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