six items or less

Here’s a fun New York Times story as we head into the weekend.

Think you could wear just six different items of clothing for an entire month (not including underwear, shoes, accessories, swimsuits or workout gear)? There’s a growing movement of creatives, de-clutterers and anti-consumptionists doing just that.

What’s amazing is that most people don’t even notice when their friends, co-workers and even spouses take part in the experiment. They’re completely oblivious to the fact that someone is wearing the same dress or pair of pants — day after day after day. Makes you think differently about that bulging closet…

Be sure to watch the video, too.

Happy Friday!

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Oooh! I have this weird part of me that really wants to try this. Do you? It probably is a version of cheating that we work from home, huh….


Megan — I feel the same way. But I do think it might be cheating for us… In fact, I may have “accidentally” done this experiment before!

cheri / 02 Aug 10

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