critical question #2

Last month, I posed a question that will squeeze the truth out of any situation:

What am I noticing?

Now it’s time for another query that many artists fail to consider:

Whose business model do I admire?

I know, I know. You’re an artist. You’re not in this for the money — and you haven’t thought about business models. You just do what feels right.

But take away the terminology (biz model, ugh) and it’s not such an uptight idea after all. Scrutinizing how other creative pros stitch their careers together can help you think bigger and be more strategic. And isn’t that the point? Less time landing, selling or marketing your work and more time to be creative — to be bold and innovative. To focus on making incredible art or music, furniture or food.

Think about the people whose work inspires you, then break apart the individual pieces of their careers: What are their revenue streams? How do they attract new opportunities? Do they work alone or with a team? Do they do do just one thing (i.e. designing buildings) or many (i.e. designing buildings, teaching, consulting, speaking)? If you were to sketch out all the elements, what would we see?

Whose business model do you admire? Why?

It’s a question I pose to all my generous Inspired Outsiders. Now it’s your turn. And please, leave a comment and tell me what you learn!

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