desert sun

Happy New Year!

I was lucky to spend a good chunk of the holidays in California and Arizona. If you’ve never been to Vancouver, you should know that Seattle is our climatic twin. That means from November through February, we live under a drizzly grey canopy for weeks on end. Is the sun still up there? Sometimes, it’s hard to know for sure.

But the desert… Oh, the desert. The morning sunshine was a shade of golden white that I haven’t seen in months. And emerging from the dream-haze on my first day of vacation, I actually wondered if there was a fire outside the front door. The light was dazzling — and totally rejuvenating.

Sometimes, nothing is better than a change of scenery, and based on my recent experience, a change of light. I’ve got new ideas, fresh plans in the works and hopefully, a little more vitamin D in my veins.

Stay tuned for more interviews and creative content. I also wrote a new book! I’ll share more details soon.

Wishing you all the best for 2013.

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malicious intent

I realize it’s been quiet around here lately and unfortunately, I haven’t been lounging poolside — despite what this tempting photo might suggest.

My WordPress platform was recently hit with malware, which is kind of like digital H1N1. Fun times. But, everything has been thoroughly scrubbed and debugged, so watch for new interviews and content coming soon.

In the meantime, I hope you’ve been soaking up the sun and the last, lovely days of summer.

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finite and infinite games

photos my RJ Muna

Big congratulations to my friends Liz Levine and Adrian Salpeter of Random Bench Productions. Finite and Infinite Games – a collaborative art project between a choreographer, filmmaker, visual artist and fashion designer – is celebrating its European premiere at the Hot Art Fair at Art Basel Switzerland from June 14-20.

The film features nine pure movement performances for 10 dancers choreographed by artistic director Katherine Helen Fisher. The massive, colorful geometric backdrop is by visual artist C. Finley with costumes by Gai Mattiolo. Award-winning dance photographer RJ Muna shot and directed the performance at NYC’s Judson Memorial Church. Random Bench produced the film and provided new technology applications, marketing and social networking strategies to execute this labor-of-love across multiple mediums.

Finite and Infinite Games is “not about people sitting in a dark room watching a screen,” says Liz. “This is a thinking person’s movie.” Two iPads in the Art Basel booth encourage viewers to put themselves right into the piece through interactive photographs.

Longtime friends Liz and Adrian launched Random Bench to develop, produce and market original films for an international audience. As we chatted about the premiere, Liz highlighted a key juggling act for creative pros everywhere:  balancing pure inspiration and creation with more commercially viable work. While Finite and Infinite Games represents art at its finest, I’m sure it will make a deep impression on the Art Basel galleries and international glitterati.

Check out the film’s website for performance dates and times – if you’re lucky enough to be in Switzerland for Art Basel.

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